Dating Cops, and Why They Are Different

Let’s face it, cops are not just regular people. From the moment they step out in their uniforms, they are set a grade above. This makes it hard for a police officer to date, meet someone special. But now there is a place where they can stand on equal footing.

BLPC, Black Law Enforcement Professional Connect, an online dating social network, is here to help cops whether they’re interested in meeting someone outside of law enforcement, or even in their own department. For a cop, finding the time to date, even if it’s another cop, can sometimes seem like the impossible.

So why is it so hard for cops to meet that special someone? There are reasons.

Members of law enforcement are seen as authority figures, not equals. They are treated different, and must act accordingly. The sad truth is that like a doctor, a police office is never really off duty. That authority figure you see never really gets to leave the job.
Unfortunately for members of law enforcement, the realities of the job mean isolation from the rest of the community. In fact, their very lives can depend on it. This can instill in them negative personality and antisocial behavioral traits.
Shift work is not healthy. The so-called “rotating shift” can be extremely stressful and unfortunately can lead to bad behavioral management.
While the sense of camaraderie is strong between members of the force, it can tend to lock out others. Being a member of such a strong group can sometimes lead to shutting out the rest of society.
Cops must be in emotional control all the time. When confronted with an extreme situation, cooler head must prevail. It’s almost impossible to just turn this off when the shift is over.

If you are in law enforcement, if you would like to meet someone but just don’t know how, now there’s a place that help you connect with that special someone. To help you find your love connection, just visit black law enforcement professionals connect.


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